Digital Download of Cards for Connection :: Full Deck

CFC Printable Image.png
CFC Printable Image.png

Digital Download of Cards for Connection :: Full Deck


The full Cards for Connection deck in a pdf download.  
Just print, cut & play!

Includes 54 cards in a printable PDF format

  • 2 instructions cards

  • 38 Purple (fill in the blank cards)

  • 14 White (group games cards)

The digital deck is a great way to test out the Cards for Connection game with family and friends.

Cards for Connection is a game designed to bring you closer together with friends, family, and even people you’ve never met before. Each card has been carefully designed using conscious language systems, neurolinguistic programming, the chakra system, and positive psychology to optimize positive connection to ourselves, our communities, and the world.

Cards for Connection are already being used in classrooms, at family game night, going out with friends, date night, at workshops, networking events, and so much more. The fill in the blank games make it easy to connect with anyone, anywhere and our biggest fans bring the deck whereever they go!

The cards for connection deck is one of four different decks, currently in print. You can find out more about us and the different decks here.

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