Let's Talk About Sex

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Let's Talk About Sex

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Let's Talk About SexA Communication game for intimacy, relationship, and sexuality

  • Pick a card and read out loud.  Fill in the blank.  Pass each card around to all players. Continue pulling cards until you have a full rainbow. 

  • There are 7 rainbows in each deck, so you can play up to 7 rounds.  (Usually, one is plenty to keep the conversation going for quite a while!)

  • It can be nice to warm up with the Connection Games deck first.

  • This deck is excellent to play and open up with your partner or a group of close friends. 

Our last printing sold out in just a few weeks and before even posting it onto the website! We’ve upgraded our design and the cards in the deck! They are on order from the printers and expected to arrive in our office in mid November - when they will be whisked off to your mailbox to create juicy conversations.


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